Creciendo Juntos

Creciendo Juntos


Rosie Sanchez – February 2021

Could we please start off with a quick introduction of yourself? Starting with your name, pronouns, school, and your occupation? My name is Rosibel Sanchez but I prefer to be called Rosie. I use she/her pronouns. I am currently a full time student attending PVCC (Piedmont Virginia Community College). How did you first come across […]

Javier Figueroa Ray – September 2020

Photo by Tom Daly In our September monthly “Latinx Brillante” spotlight, we’ll be featuring Javier Figueroa Ray, the Owner and Executive Chef of a local restaurant, Pearl Island Foods. Pearl Island is located inside the Jefferson School City Center and has amazing Caribbean and Hatian cuisine to serve and cater. Their food brings a touch […]

Andrea Negrete – August 2020

For this month’s newsletter ‘Brillante Latinx’ feature, I was able to sit down with a local community organizer and a Graduate student of University of Virginia, Andrea Negrete. She’s well known for her local activism and organizing with ICE Out of Cville, Hands Off Maria Sanctuary, and more. I was able to sit down with […]

Pilar M. Valtierra – May 2020

Recently, it’s been a hard battle for a lot of community members to adjust to the new life after COVID-19. Especially when it’s unstable, always changing, and it never seems to end. However, Creciendo Juntos has acknowledged many leaders brillante that shows resilience and resourcefulness that many can look upon to. Our leader for this […]

Rose Emily Gonzalez – March 2020

Tell us a little bit about yourself; your name, pronouns, where you are from, where you grew up, and where do you currently work? My name is Rose Emily Gonzalez, my friends call me Emily. Only my Dad called me Rose (he also celebrated my birthday on a different day) and I prefer it that […]

Carolina Medina – February 2020

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your name, pronouns, where you are from, where you grew up, where do you currently work? I am Carolina Medina; I grew up in Estado de Mexico which is the suburbs part of Mexico City. I lived in Estado de Mexico for 15 years before moving to Fredericksburg, […]

Ingrid Ramos – December 2019

For this month’s Latinx Spotlight, I was able to interview Ingrid Ramos, director of Bienestar & Resilience programs in The Women’s Initiative. She’s also one of our board members for Creciendo Juntos. Her work in the community has been focused on moving our Latinx communities forward in healing and raising awareness for mental health resources […]

Sara Luna – November 2019

Our newest program, Social Justice through Creative Practice, came to an end in October. As many know, this program was created and organized to bring guest speakers from different creative fields to spark inspiration into youths of Charlottesville into taking initiative of practicing social justice in non-traditional methods. After a couple months, we were able […]

José Olivarez – October 2019

Recently, Creciendo Juntos has recently brought to life a program titled Social Justice Through Creative Practice. Karina A. Monroy, the person behind this program, reasoned that “from poets to podcasters, our goal for these guest speakers is to provide inspiration and motivation to the Latinx community to begin their own creative initiatives for social change.” […]

The Latinx Summer Baile – August 2019

The Latinx Summer Baile Organizing a “baile” (dance party in Spanish) to raise money for our Latinx Student Art Scholarship was no joke. It had many errors, trials, and long nights, but most definitely worth it. The idea came to mind when I was brainstorming about what were some main thing that could bring Latinx […]