Creciendo Juntos

Creciendo Juntos


Could we please start off with a quick introduction of yourself? Starting with your name, pronouns, school, and your occupation?

My name is Rosibel Sanchez but I prefer to be called Rosie. I use she/her pronouns. I am currently a full time student attending PVCC (Piedmont Virginia Community College).

How did you first come across Creciendo Juntos?

I found out about Creciendo Juntos last year from my friend/mentor Elizabeth who is the youth program coordinator at Creciendo Juntos.

You also happened to be a mentee of our program Si Se Puede! What pushed you to get involved in Si Se Puede?

I’ve always enjoyed being part of Latinx programs, and once Elizabeth told me about Si Se Puede I quickly signed up hoping I would be accepted. At the time, I just started my first year of college and, although the group was for High Schoolers, Karina and Elizabeth were able to adjust the program for me. What really pushed me to get involved was the fact that I am the first in my family’s generation to attend college and I was clueless of what I was doing. Therefore, I thought Si Se Puede would be very educational and a great way of getting support while I began my first semester of college especially during the pandemic.

What was your experience as a mentee in Si Se Puede?

Si Se Puede offered so much more than what I could ask for! Although, I had already graduated high school, it was still very helpful to refresh my mind on how to fill out my FAFSA, how to look for the right college/university, and as well as how to apply for college. I really enjoyed meeting new people and hearing their stories that I could relate to as well. Sadly the pandemic didn’t let us meet up in person, but I think that Karina and Elizabeth outdid themselves with all the resources available that kept us all in touch.

What was your favorite workshop and why?

My favorite workshop was with Prisca Dorcas. She told her story about self preservation as a first generation student. Her storytelling was very inspirational and it even made me get emotional. I think it was important for me to understand that there are people who have the same skin tone as me, speak spanish like me, and grow up with the same stories that have been told for generations upon generations that also go through the same struggles that I have while seeking higher education for themselves.

One thing that people are probably unaware of is that you just launched an official website for your lip gloss business! Could you tell us how that happens?

Before my lipgloss business, I really enjoyed collecting makeup, especially lipgloss. I had grown a pretty big collection of colourpop lip glosses that had gone out of control and it almost became an addiction. I soon realized that I had to cut down my spending since I was thinking about attending college after graduating high school. During the end of my junior year I thought of starting my own business, and so I did some research on things I’d like to start a business on. While I was doing my research I came upon many lip gloss businesses on instagram, and that’s when I knew what I wanted to do but with my own twist. I started my business planning in November of 2019 until I suddenly had to stop because of the pandemic in mid January. I ended up losing my job as a part time sales associate in the Fashion Square mall in March of 2020.

A couple months passed by and I was still without a job, so I decided that I would start my business plan from scratch.

Luckily I had support from my family and friends and I launched my business in November 2020. At the time I was only open for drop off orders locally in the Charlottesville,Va area.

My business was mainly based on instagram where I would take in orders, and then I decided to build a website for my business so I could ship anywhere in the U.S. Finally after three months of building my website, which is called Queen Rose Cosmetics, I was able to launch on February 10th, 2021 which was my birthday.

On my website, I sell products such as lip glosses, lip scrubs, lip balms, and I plan on adding so much more in the future. All my products are handmade by me and they are also vegan and cruelty free.

I am happy to say that I am my own boss and I plan to run a successful business in the future.

An additional skill you’ve been working on is becoming a nail technician as well, right? How do you manage handling both businesses on top of your school?

I am still currently studying cosmetology at CATEC and plan on taking my state board exam in May 2021 to earn my license. Becoming a nail technician was my dream job while I was growing up and it still is. I started to do nails about 2 years ago while I was ending my sophomore year of high school and I had two part time jobs at Panera and Justice.

I’ve always worked for my own money since my mother is a single mom of three. I was hoping that if I worked for my own money that maybe I’d relieve some stress off my moms back. Therefore, I had learned to manage my time wisely in order to not fall behind in school nor be late to work although it sometimes happened. It was pretty stressful sometimes trying to manage it all back then, but now that I am much more mature I learned to work smarter and not harder.

I was able to make my dreams happen in a matter of time while still attending school. I can say that my dreams and goals in life are what keep me motivated to keep pushing forward.

How could we support you in your business and academics?

If anyone wants to help me and my business I would really appreciate it if you can get the word out by sharing my website; (

I also have an instagram which is also linked in the bottom on my website as well if anyone wants to contact me there or by email too.

This business was not created for money, but instead it is a way for me to help my family and pay off college debt in the future.

If anyone wants to help and donate to my studies or business don’t hesitate to email me at

What are some valuable lessons you have learned within the past year?

A valuable lesson I learned was to have patience. Having patience is a big tool to have, especially now that we are all living during a pandemic. I also think that it’s a very helpful tool in order to own and run a business independently. Since I lost my job back in March I made my lipgloss business a big priority and I felt like I was rushing the process. I then realized that I had to take a step back and let the process flow on it’s own and It all came along since then.

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the year of 2021?

Things I’m looking forward to this year is finishing my first year of college, coming out with new products for my business, and just bettering myself in order to make this year a success.

Interviewed by Elizabeth Valtierra

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