Creciendo Juntos

Creciendo Juntos


Celebrating our roots and each other while learning and playing together.


De Raíces a Risas is an intergenerational, culturally diverse and celebratory summertime playgroup where parents are encouraged to share and teach songs, games, music and crafts from their home countries to their children and the rest of the families in the group.

Our Goal

The goal of De Raíces a Risas is to provide a space of interactive play and learning between Latinx families while celebrating their culture and language.

Our Vision

Through this interactive play families will:

  • Share their culture and roots with their children and other Latinx families in Charlottesville.
  • Learn to be intentional about passing on traditional, cultural and ancestral knowledge onto the next generation.
  • Celebrate both the commonalities and differences within Latin America by learning from Latinx families of all backgrounds.
  • Build confidence and community in one another, while embracing their culture.