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Family Check Up

The Family Check-Up (FCU) is a 3 session model that is scheduled directly with the family. Once the family is referred to the program, the family is directed to schedule the sessions. The FCU is a strengths-based intervention that reduces children’s problem behaviors by improving parenting and family management practices. It promotes positive child outcomes such as decreased substance use and increased school attendance. FCU integrates strengths-based assessment with motivational interviewing to help the family develop intervention goals that would meet their unique needs and increase family engagement. Several studies and more than 30 years of evidence show that the Family Check-Up is effective, including in our local community through UVA. 

For referrals: For parents with a child aged 2-12, please visit http://www.youchoosecville.com/family-wellness (there is a link to a referral form). For parents with a child 12-17, referrals should be sent to Misty Graves at graves@charlottesville.org or questions can be directed to Hunter Smith at smithha@charlottesville.org.

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